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[Information on food compensation]

"Wasabi Betting" is registering a betting site through a systematic procedure.

Headquarters selects safety standards after meetings and contacts as much as possible under the primary data review with the site company.
Site contents are also being reviewed a lot so that members can access various types of safety sites.

We will not rule out even the least risk of accidents, and under normal betting, we will take immediate action with the site as soon as a member's damage case is received, and if the amount of damage from the user is clearly proven, we will disconnect the damaged site by itself.

In addition, we promise to compensate the damage amount with the deposited deposit.

It doesn't matter which site you use,

General banner companies
Depending on the situation, we will try to find a smooth settlement agreement with the company, but please note that there is no base fee that is compensated differently.

Betting environment, events, etc. are not involved at all, and if you think that unconditional safety is a priority, I recommend joining the certification & guarantee company site.

The fact that the deposit is set also proves the capital power.
We recommend using a basic guarantee site for larger batteries.

If you encounter any problems while using the site, please contact the customer center as soon as possible.

The head office does not trust the articles registered on other food verification sites, nor does it stand by.

Users who use "Wasabi Betting" are guaranteed 100% safety under the protection of our head office for any reason.

Mini-games where there are many words such as leakage and manipulation are handled according to the rules of each betting company.

Also, if you only bet on a continuous downturn, you may be suspicious of both sides from the betting site.

Please note that double-sided betting is a betting method that is not allowed on private sites unless specifically stated by the head office.

[Information on deposits]

If the deposit is ineffective due to the end of the partnership with the head office,

We have an obligation to inform all users of this fact, and we have a deposit principle after all members who have been using the site safely exit.

The purpose of this part is to exchange damages to members when the purpose of damage occurs in the first place.

In general, the time to announce this is considered to be at least two months.

[Operation policy]

We respect the betting rules set by each site.

However, if this is revealed by sanctioning the user for content that is not in the regulations, the betting site has the right to sanction the relevant betting site.

It is the site's voluntary authority to block certain games or place betting limits for certain users.

In addition, if there is evidence that the user has not won in a legitimate way, it is acknowledged that the holdings will be processed in accordance with the regulations of the site.

If the user's profits are confiscated while the evidence is not clear, the site is subject to sanctions.

The head office determines whether or not the solution is resolved based on the content of the conversation between the user and the site and the evidence submitted by the site.

The head office does not directly intervene in the operation of a specific betting site, but does not stand by against any behavior that is disadvantageous to users.

Users who constantly make unreasonable demands despite the site's sanctions for justifiable reasons may be subject to sanctions.

In the case of mini-games where words such as leakage or manipulation are found, if it is determined that there is a problem with the game, the regulations on this may be handled according to the regulations of each site.

If the information on the betting site posted at the headquarters is false or is not properly followed, the company is obligated to notify all members.

No Toto site is 100% safe among the many existing Toto sites.

For a long time

I think there is no place that is 100% safe, even if it is a verified site

Dont comforting

At the same time as the settlement of the deposit system, the reputable verification community

Based on real-time sharing, members can keep their precious playbatting money.

It is also true that the production cost of the Toto site has been much lower than before.

As a result, there are many sites that are vulnerable to security, and unexpected things may occur at sites such as hacking or receiving bankbook threats.

If there is no profit and the operating cost becomes insufficient, there are many places that change differently from the original belief.

There is no other way to find a safe playground.

You need to be constantly monitoring and paying attention

It is a part of the site that is eaten and hidden, but if that happens to those who trust us and sign up, it should be open to everyone.

We always monitor even where it has already been verified, and if there is any food, we will immediately notify the members in use to do our best to prevent it.

After signing up, leave your site name and nickname to facilitate business processing.

For recommendations on the Toto site and safety playground, please work with an expert.

You are not alone

It is true that it is practically impossible to fight the Toto site alone in the event of a problem.

We are not on the side of the vendor

On your side

There is

The styles you want for each member are also varied, so please do not find it difficult and apply for a consultation.

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