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[Receipt of damage]

Report has been received

[From verification site]

Since 2015, a lot of verification sites have been created, starting with ooo.

Currently, hundreds of verification companies are dealing with Toto companies.

The purpose of the food verification site is to share the food information of black sites online.

It is a good intention to protect precious Gamemoney that may become the second and third victims in the future.

In addition, the category of verification sites is a banner value, and sites that invest thousands of dollars per month

Most of them, from the standpoint of batters, have strong capital and invest generously in the operation of the site.

You can easily sign up for a high-quality site without any difficulty, and from the point of view of the operator of the food verification site,

You can earn a lot of advertising revenue, so it can be seen as an advantage for everyone.

[The beginning of the mud fight]

Of course, the content was a veritable website that had a perfect structure from one to ten.

It was successful, and in proportion to this, there were also cancerous beings who tainted good content.

As a result, since 2016, the purpose of the food verification sites has been different.

Published in Korea as of 2016 due to the great success of the content verified by the ooo and oo-men in 2015

The site managers imitate this and print the sites that have been verified with the title of Mook Thu OO.

And the sites that have posted banners that they are trusted safety companies

It was a site, and it was a specialized mock-tuition site that showed a lot of history when you searched on Google.

[Food verification site]

Why do so many landslides run specialized food verification sites?

There will be a lot of people who are curious about the reasons.

I know the site works well, but I don’t have money for banner ads.

If you look at what they're doing right now, the answer will come out, but they don't know why.

The mindset of being the president of the Toto site is that a public official goes away, so even if a risky investment dies,

I don't want to do it, and if the results aren't coming out right away, I can't get my hands on it.

Take a picture of a site, deposit money, withdraw the money, and spend the nightlife.

Incidentally, as you can see that the MookTwi verification site has almost no server fees,

You just need to copy the data from other verification sites and the operation is okay.

Running a single gambling site, but rather than an ordinary office worker

Is it because there are many ephemera bosses who have no balance?

Numerous food verification sites have been created, and these are

They're killing sites that don't seem to be prevalent due to competition.

Unjustly framed by these people

There will also be a lot of regular sites.

[Let's find out the reality of the food verification site]

Do you really verify the food verification company?

The favorite word of eater verification sites is "determination of food."

Confirmation means that there is evidence and a conclusion has been reached, but no matter where you look in the article titled “Confirmation”

Screenshots such as user betting history, site deposit history, and login blocking were not common.

It means that there is no data on the word that it is eaten.

Also, if the problem is due to a violation of the regulations as above, visit the site

It's natural to ask about the kind of truth and attach a snapshot of the conversation about it.

Without a single data, the decision is made.

Excluding minority companies, most of the verifiers are copy-paste systems.

I looked at sites that advertised as certified companies.

As an example, there is Mook Thu ooo, which advertised a website specializing in Mook Thu as a certified company with false information.

(This site was closed as of October 2018)

These Chinese food verification sites have an adverse effect on your betting life.

Wherever I go, I approached good content with impure intentions and played a part

The nasty bugs you want to take care of will get tangled up.

Only when these bugs are eliminated, bettors can have a better betting life.

Yes, but it’s a pity that cockroaches don’t die easily.

Just saying that it's ok, it's like putting up a post without evidence and filling in a keyword.

Posting based on accurate evidence, not a crappy third-class food verification site

Please use the food verification site

The sites that do not have a deposit system are certified companies.

I think more than 90% of the sites that are uploaded are eaten.

I hope you can use the regular site that all bettors can enjoy while receiving the money they will receive.

The eating site does not disappear

Prevention is only possible through proactive search and experts.

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