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All banner vendors posted

Before entering the store, through the current verification.

Nevertheless, a number of malicious sites confuse the purpose and, at the same time as the banner expiration date.

It also happens often.

In the case of general advertising companies, the head office will provide a smooth solution when the banner is hung.

Our side signed up, but after the head office banner company expired and exited, an accident occurred.

There are cases.. (There are times when members ask)

Headquarters is not responsible for this part.

24-hour monitoring and sharing with affiliates

Based on the betting site where abnormal symptoms are detected,

The main purpose is to immediately block the companies entering the store by catching the line.

We are taking the lead in the safety of our members.

If you are curious about more detailed information such as recent business information and banner expiration date,

Please feel free to contact us via live chat at the bottom of the site or via the messenger contact network.

[In the event of a problem with the company's head office, if you certify, we will give you a 100% refund]

If you want to be guaranteed 200% safety, please use a certification or guarantee company.

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