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To attack the casino

Four postures to keep

There are certain things, but there are things that can't be kept.

Originally, it is not an exaggeration to say that casino games such as baccarat and blackjack determine the win or loss of human psychology.

When do you usually run out of casinos?

For example, the baccarat I do the most,

We know that system betting such as Martin betting during baccarat game will increase the win rate, but we are afraid of losing streak, so we don’t do it at all.

Even if they try to bet on Martin, they turn away from the original betting method, such as quitting Martin and reconsidering the angle of a strong game, and eventually lost the game because the result obtained after a difficult fight is a petty money or a bona fide.

We need to reflect on our heads the basic posture of facing the table that everyone has to say in the casino.

For casino strategy

Basic posture


Don't drink bets

In Macau and Las Vegas, many casinos offer free alcoholic beverages.

In other words, it’s a trick to give you free drink and lose your temper and cool.

Batters who drink as free alcohol don't know that this liquor is going to be the most expensive liquor in their life so far.

Games with a lot of thoughts like Blackjack are, in short, very lethal, so you should never drink alcohol and play games.

The same goes for slot machines. What do you mean when the machine does everything? I would say, but if I have made some profit, I have to withdraw and leave, but I keep playing the game in vain.

Even though you are playing online casinos rather than a casino, you should drink alcohol in moderation. It is best not to drink it.


Distinguish what you spend and what you don't

It is said that a person in gambling cannot stop even God

More than expected, there are many people who can't distinguish between spending money and not spending money in offline casinos or online casinos.

It means that you have already lost your rationality to use the money you have to go out in the next few days, such as rent for the next month, money borrowed from acquaintances, living expenses, etc.

It's called addiction

By chance, don't think, "Let's take this money and pick a little and add it to life" while turning it into a ridiculous happiness.

It is not easy, although it may be called a full-time batter who has earned steady profits for months and years of studying and researching casinos for many years.


Don't be greedy

He is also the ambassador of Pyeongkyungjang in Yeonghwatazza.

Eventually, the swan was greedy without listening to her words, but she fell off the train and almost died, but she died for a happy ending and survived.

The word not to be greedy will be interpreted as saying to refrain from playing a strong game, although it is not a proper picture because I am anxious that the number of times has passed.

When the psychological pressure is high, the probability of being hit by a strong game is actually less than 45% of the unfavorable game.

This is consistent with online casinos.


When you are winning


It’s exceptionally good, and when you’re making a lot of money, you have to lose a little in the next version so you don’t have a lot of damage. This is your chance.

If you can continue the flow, that day will be great


We recommend the Totosite Safe Playground without worrying about eating and drinking after thorough verification of eating and drinking.

[Precautions for food accidents]

Muck-Tyu sites present conditions and bonuses that can only be deceptive to members.

There is insufficient evidence to make an accurate judgment based on IP inquiry and Google-listed rumors.

Because false listings occur frequently.

Deceived by sweet bonuses that are easy to dazzle and vague betting conditions

Signing up here and there can be a shortcut to damage.

The word "constant" is the word you need to watch out for.

Be careful with indiscreet adverts

It is the most likely to be a food site.

We urge you to always be careful with the ridiculous first hits, repelling bonuses and commodities.


Texas Hold'em term


Texas Hold'em Basic Terms


Flops or boards that won't help any player


A term for a player who is extremely tight and relatively unimaginable.

But locks aren't easy to predict

If a real rock re-raises you on the river, you can fold your hand unless it's Nuts.

Ring game

It refers to a regular poker game that is not a tournament, and it is usually called a live game. The reason is that it is not with tournament chips, but with real money.

Because they play games


Playing as if you had a specific hand


Raising the bet amount higher than the current bet amount


A board with three cards of different shapes is called a rainbow.

Rainbow cannot be made flush on the turn on the flop.

It is called rainbow even when flushing is impossible because there are no two or more identical patterns on all boards.


It means a shared card that is shown to all players at the end. If there is a word that is often used in comparison to the river card, it is also used to mean "he drowned in the river", meaning that he was reversed in the river.


Usually, when only necessary cards are displayed on the turn and river, and the opponent's hand is reversed, it is called a liner.


The numeric value of the card

Second Fair

If you hit a hand with the second highest pair on the flop, if you have an AT, you have a second pair on the flop of KT6.

Scare Card

Assuming you have a 10-8 and the flop is 10-9-8, if you roll a 7 on your turn, that 7 card is called a scare card (in that case you are most likely reversed).


Sell, meaning panda, is used to mean selling your own hand.

In the limit game, you bet less than the maximum amount you can bet and hold a very strong hand and receive a call from your opponents.


When you have a parcut pair, the case where one such card is placed on the board and becomes a stick is called a set.

Semi Bluff

You are not hoping to call, but if you call, there is an out.

Semi-bluffing is often the case in situations where it is not possible to bet for the value of the mand.

Small blinds

Players with smaller blinds in Texas Hold'em

Short stack

Refers to a poor player who does not have a lot of chips compared to other players.

Sprayed limit

Refers to a structure in which players can bet as many times as they want within the range in all betting rounds.

Texas Hold'em

Learn genealogy

Name and sequence of genealogy

Probability order

Royal straight flush

Probability 0.000153907%

A hand with the number 10, J, Q, K, A on five cards of the same suit.

The highest genealogy in poker, a genealogy with odds that one player can never catch in a lifetime.

It’s called a royal straight flush because it’s made with the highest five straight flushes.

Straight flush

Probability 0.01385 169%

A hand of 5 cards of the same pattern.

Poker's best genealogy with 5 numbers connected in the same suit

All other cases except the Royal Straight Flush are called Straight Flush.

Full House Chance 0.1440572623%

A hand full of 3 to 3 cards of the same number out of 5 cards (a hand consisting of triples and pairs)

In the same full house, the person with the highest number of triples wins.

In the case of the same Q full house, the person with the highest remaining pair wins.

If the rest of the pair is the same, it is a draw.

Flush probability 0.196540 154%

A hand of 5 cards of the same pattern

In the same flush, the player with the highest top card wins.

If the towers are the same, the next highest card is compared, and the player with the higher hand wins by comparing all 5 cards in the same way.

If all five numbers are the same, it’s a draw.

Four Card Chance 0.024009603%

A hand consisting of 4 cards of the same number out of 5 cards.

In the same four cards, the ace four cards are the highest and the two four cards are the lowest.

In the case of the same seven-pocket card, the last five cards are used to determine the match.

If the last 5th hand is the same for the same four cards, it is a draw, but in fact, this probability is almost lottery.

Straight probability 0.392464678%

A hand consisting of 5 consecutive numbers

In the same straight, the A-Top (AKQJ10) aka'Royal Straight' is the highest.

The 5-top (5432A) aka'back straight' is the lowest

The same K top straight is a draw.

Note) In Texas Hold'em rule, A-2-3-4-5 is the lowest straight.

Triple Chance 2.112845138%

A hand consisting of 3 of 5 cards of the same number.

In the same triple, the person with the highest number in the triple wins.

The Ace Triple is the highest and the 2 Triple is the lowest.

In the case of the same 7 triples, the player with the highest rank in the remaining two lectures wins.

If all 5 numbers are the same, it is considered a draw.

Two Pair Chance 4.75390 156%

A hand of 2 to 2 cards of the same number on 5 cards.

In the case of the same two pair, the player with the highest top pair wins.

If the top pair is the same, the person with the lower pair wins.

If the top pair and the lower pair are the same, the player with the next higher number wins.

If all 5 numbers are also the same, it is considered a draw.

One pair probability 42.256902761%

2 out of 5 cards with the same number

If both players are one pair, the player with the highest number of pairs wins.

If you have the same one pair, the next higher number is determined in order to determine the win or loss.

If all 5 numbers are matched, it is considered a draw.

High card or no pair probability 50.117739403%

Hand without a pair of 5 cards

The player with the highest number (ace) wins

If the highest number is the same, the next number is compared in order to determine the win or loss.

If all up to 5 numbers are the same, it will be treated as a draw.

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